Skyweaver™ installs like a light fixture and behaves like the sun

Skyweaver™ 622s

Daylight Emulation® System


Puts the power of daylight into your hands. You control the color, intensity and time from any device.

Provides the same benefits of daylight: improves performance and productivity, increases energy and focus and improves mood.

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Skyweaver™ 6H

Luminaire Communications Hub


The brains behind the fixture. The SW6H communications hub provides backend controls for up to 30 SW622 fixtures. Using low voltage connections, the hub provides direct or networked connection to your tablet or mobile device. The hub is the central connection for any wired dimmers or buttons used with the fixtures.

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LightWell No longer in production

Daylight Emulation® System


The original fixture. The LightWell is an impressive 4’x4’ pyramidal luminaire, featuring directional daylight over the course of the day, a wide span Color Temperature range, and best in class CRI rendering.

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