We were meant to live in sunlight


Keith Ward, Board Director & Consultant

Keith has 40 years of industry experience, including executive roles at Future Electronics, GE and Iwasaki. He was also responsible for the successful restructuring and sale of Luminus Devices. Keith is providing a leadership role in developing and implementing Arborlight’s Go Forward Plan. In addition, he is presently working on behalf of several large lighting concerns to identify and acquire differentiating technologies.


Darren Frankel, Board Director

Darren manages one of metro Detroit’s largest commercial real estate portfolios, Stuart Frankel Development, and is an early stage investor in Arborlight. As an active board member, Darren holds a critical role in Arborlight’s turnaround; providing strategic input into the development of our Go Forward Plan, recruiting industry leadership for our board as well as providing industry insights and customer introductions.


Kathy Nagy, Board Director & Consultant

Kathy is an early stage investor and active board member. As founder of a highly successful marketing agency, she provided guidance for Arborlight’s development of its branding, messaging & digital marketing strategies. Recently, Kathy has provided leadership during Arborlight’s turnaround efforts, which have resulted in recruiting an industry expert board member, developing Arborlight’s Go Forward Plan, exit strategy and revised business model.


Jon Mapel, Founder & Consultant

Jon brings experience as CTO, Covalent Solar, an MIT spin-out recognized for innovation in solar concentrator technology. He is an expert in opto-electronic systems and holds a PhD in electrical engineering from MIT. With broad engineering and business skills, Jon provided leadership in the areas of product development and IP strategy and continues to consult with Arborlight on critical product, market, competitive and IP matters.



Dr. Paul Lichter, Kellogg Eye Institute

Dr. Ana Baylin, University of Michigan, School of Public Health

Skip Simms, Michigan Angel Fund

Charlie Moret, Invest Michigan

Patti Glaza, Invest Detroit